ACMOMS I - IX have laid the foundation for groundbreaking ideologies in metabolic surgery and obesity especially for the Asian population, ACMOMS I was a landmark summit which resulted in the formulation of Asia-Pacific guidelines especially targeting obese patients with type II diabetes mellitus, which replaced the widely used NIH guidelines in the Asia-Pacific region. ACMOMS V resulted in the first of its kind bariatric nutrition guidelines in Asia, for the Indian Population.

The goal of ACMOMS X is to come out with a position statement or a white paper draft on childhood and adolescent obesity. An all encompassing paper that starts from diagnosis and ends with medical and surgical management of this hugely challenging issue, is the task on our hands.

We strongly believe that this is the need of the hour to secure our future generations against the debilitating effects of obesity and its proceeding cascades of disease and their complications. Asia has a large population of obese children because of genetic defects as well as a rising number of adolescent obese, resulting in a majority having Young Onset Diabetes (YOD). Sadly, there are no current treatment guidelines for this group. Thus leading to a huge financial burden not only on the exchequer of governments but also resulting in the poor productivity of the demographic dividend.